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Seacret definitely markets itself as a new up and coming MLM company with products with "instant" results. However, I really see nothing special.

Being that Seacret began their company through the kiosks at the mall, most people had horrible experiences being upsold or with the sales personal lying to customers about the price. Not only did the company do nothing about it, they changed it into a MLM company to force up their customer retention rate. Now instead of worrying about the customers coming back to the Kiosks after experiencing a horrible experience, if people are in the MLM, they are forced to buy it month after month. Ive went to a few of their overviews and there was TIM HERR, CHRIS KIM, JULIAN DOAN the three individuals who got kicked out of ACN, had same shady business in 5Linx as well as Monavie.

This was a classic case of professional MLM hopping. As always, they pitch it like building a traditional business through spa parties, however, if you are the unfortunate soul that gets caught in one of the ACN group's organizations, IT WILL BE AN ENDLESS CYCLE OF RECRUITING, forced to buy packages at the highest BV, be lied to and manipulated. They say one thing and do the complete opposite. I have many friends that were in the company and did not make any money, the people in the company didnt make any money either unless you got a contract with Seacret or had a special deal with the company.

Which I think is extremely shady. All of the products can be bought on Amazon for a cheaper price anyways, they tell you its not the same, but Ive been buying seacret products from amazon for the passed couple months and its the same thing... Seacret is just the next big SCAM in the MLM world. You take a group of serial MLM hoppers merged with a company that has already been having trouble with customer retention what do you get?

Its just dragging out its own demise. From the last I heard, many big networkers that started with the company are now looking at different companies as well as those have already left. Seems like Seacret rushed into things, but at this point, any other MLM company will do better than SEACRET. STAY AWAY if you value your TIME and MONEY!

If you do plan on getting started, you can get started at the 50$ package. But they will try and force you to buy the $1500 package.

Most kiosks will also admit that it is very difficult to sell the products at retail. So most people that I have talked to have all their products still sitting at home collecting dust, hence why so many people are trying to get rid of them on amazon...

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Thank you for being honest. Sharon


thank you gor bring honest. really appreciate. sharon.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1245363

Hehe you must be a Trillionaire and your MLM allowed you to buy a mansion so huge that it needs two airports to get from one

Side to thenother

Zeeland, Michigan, United States #1198105

Sounds like your part of ACN , I've been looking for an MLM company with integrity , I researched before I reached out to an Agent. I challenge you to show me a better comp plan in the business ......

Also if the kiosks were so bad how did the Company make $1.2 billion in sales , that's a fact folks can verify.

So peeps don't buy into someone's "feeling" check out this company on your own , get the facts first ......

Be very aware of anyone who uses ACN or ViSalus as a point of reference ....... Just saying

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1245361

I became a Trillionaire by shorting the stock

to Sqeptikoll Fullerton, California, United States #1263927

HEHEHE I hop SEACRET will do IPO, I will then short one share and become a multi-trillionaire in three years

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1325442

The company did 4.34334566 septillion in sales, as much as 256 General Electrics heheheh

Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada #1074030

Those products that people are selling on Amazon or other sites of the same, are doing it out of bad faith to the company and how it wants their agents to act. I know this as a fact as I am involved with another company that has ordered all consultants to stop selling the products on any website other than their own! They want the product to speak for itself and everyone to have the best experience as they can with the product!!!


I can in general only laugh at people buying eye cream for $100. Or La Prairie for $400 dollar with caviar...yum.

In consumer tests cheaper products generate the same effect. Usually inexpensive products are even rated higher, Nivea beats La Prairie, Oil of Olay beats Dior.

Hello? You are in the Marketing Business.


why is it reported to have made 1.2 billion in sales and recognized as one of the fastest growing mlm I was researching for a paper only one of those names came up I have a list of others. The company grew 104% last year these numbers didn't come from their corporate offices

to Anonymous #1361883

Do you have to bUybuybuYBuybuybUYbuybuybuybYBuybUybUY the $160 banner? Buybuybuybuybuybuythe ticket for the seacon cult extravaganza at Rio Las Vegas

New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada #992894

I am a new Seacret Agent in Canada. I've only been doing it for 2months and I have made profit already.

I do not force anyone to buy, let alone force them to buy a starter set. We clearly state it is optional. We put forth, invest in your business as you wish. All my customers choose how often they purchase and cancel anytime no penalties.

I've never once had a customer unsatisfied with the products. My mom and sister's have use Seacret before they switched to MLM and they loved it right away and still love it!

Everyone is different, whether its different skin type or different ways they were approached. One product is not always going to suit all people.

to Anonymous #1193920

Show your name & address so people know you are not a liar.

to s***sbuster Fullerton, California, United States #1277923

I wAs a Seacert Agent for 4,232323 attoseconds. I profited elventeen billion dollars. This thing is SO KICKASS

Houston, Texas, United States #961610

Bitter is as bitter does. Sounds like a bitter person.Seacret with a bitter attitude and thus a bitter experience.

For the betterment of many to come.

Study for yourself, because I can share a much better experience.

It's and individual experience that will not be the same for everyone.

Seacret Agent Mr. Crunk at your better service.

to BU Fullerton, California, United States #1277924


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #960732

To whoever wrote this, I suggest you educate yourself on the Relationship Marketing Profession. Seacret pulled out of kiosks and went to relationship marketing to LOWER THE COSTS FOR THE CONSUMER.

When you have a kiosk you have to pay OVERHEAD costs. I live in Milwaukee WI and I have had the privilege to work at a Seacret Kiosk. Non holiday was usually around $4,000 a month while holiday was upwards to $8,000+. Now I have to pay my employees and insurance also.

Do you think I would have to up the cost of my products? I think yes. Now that we made the transition to relationship marketing you cut out the middle man.. meaning no retail overhead costs and no advertising costs which makes the product cost goes down tremendously!

In addition, your comment about FORCING people to buy month to month? Last time I checked our clients chose if they got products month to month? And MLM Hoping? I can see why they would hop from company to company when none of them had as great of a compensation plan as Seacret does.

You needing a contract or special deal with the company to make money is the biggest load of *** I've ever heard. My family is the top income earners of the Midwest which we were able to achieve in only three years. I was able to quit my job and do Seacret full time, choosing my own schedule. Did I mention i'm only nine-teen?

Yeah, you won't have success in relationship marketing if you sit on your *** and write false *** blogs instead of going out and doing money making activity. Good day.

to Paige #1110344

But seacret still has operating kiosks even today.

to Paige Fullerton, California, United States #1263929

hoping hopping hoping hopping

to Paige Los Angeles, California, United States #1326543

'Relationship Marketing' WTF???

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