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Update status

This company has no clue on how to resolve issues of you have anything wrong with your account as a member. I called numerous of times and sent e-mails and still no resolution to get my account updated as an active agent. This is not good for business. Someone needs to be able to contact and talk with a live person not all this emails and employees that dont know how to resolve an issue. All they know how to do is book travels. THATS IT!!!Angry
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Saint Louis, Missouri
Preferred solution
I would want my account status updated TODAY!!!
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Did not get my package

Seacret Direct - Did not get my package
I made on order Tuesday, January 26 ,2021 And you told me that the shipment take up 3 weeks , and I still did not receive a package Or on update why my package is so later .
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Scottsdale, Arizona
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Deliver product or service ordered

Be a of brushes I bought

No help you pay so much for brushes and they dont warenty them will never buy again

User's recommendation: Don’t buy brushes there not worth that kind of money.

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Alberta, Canada
Seacret Direct Hair Brush

Seacret Direct - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category from Paradise, Nevada

Seacret has amazing products! They do accept return if they are not used.
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Seacret does have amazing products and they accept returns even if they have been opened and used. You have up to 30 days to try the products and return them if you are unhappy!

So, you should definitely try them!

I know you will love them, but if not, you can return them, opened or not!

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Paradise, Nevada
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Seacret Direct - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category from Lake Arrowhead, California

Seacret Direct - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category  from Lake Arrowhead, California
I know Marketing...This company and the products are amazing...I will be more than happy to talk with anyone on how to get started...the best way is part time...this business is all about the product...all you need are 4 customers and your on your way...if you think you can get 4 customers then contact me through my Twitter account. Doug Fegel or My FB username "CapriIsland" /my e-mail is dougfegel@***.com
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Lake Arrowhead, California
Reason of review
Good quality
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Seacret Direct - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category from Mountain View, California

Shaky, inexperienced management team. Probably filing for Chapter 11 soon. Good products that are grossly overpriced. Lousy compensation plan.
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Sorry you feel that way, maybe the person who helped you out that day was a newly enrolled agent. Don't worry we are transitioning away from kiosks to mainly online.

Where you can receive up to 60% off products when you bundle an save. Hope you recieve this message an give our A+ rated (BBB) company a second chance.

Sincerely A.C. South Bay CA Team Www.SeaCretDirect.Com/GEICO

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Mountain View, California
Reason of review
Pricing issue

Other Product Review

rip off loss of over $2000 @ az mills. terrible products
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Phoenix, Arizona
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Pricing issue

Seacret. Best product I've ever used

I've used this product for 9 months, and must say it has been the best product I've ever used. I have suffered from eczema all my life, not only on my skin but also on my scalp. The hair care products are incredible. They leave your hair and scalp beautiful and in my case eczema free. I must add that the product is doing the same for my sister.The skin care products do what they say. Being in my fifties, my skin is getting older and I have young women coming up to me and asking what I use on my skin and hair. When I tell them how old I am their shocked. Go to a drugstore and price some of the lower end skincare products, you'll be shocked. This product lasts a long time and is cheaper overall. If you want to go on Amazon and buy products that are probably expired, have a high possibility of being contaminated, then go ahead. Just don't post negative comments about the product if you end up with someone else's fungus all over you.
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I'm glad you are enjoying our products, just wait till you try our nutrition line that we are announcing to the world in LV come OCT1! Sincerely Agent A.C. South Bay CA Team Www.SeaCretDirect.Com/GEICO

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Good quality

Other Product Review

They are a shiity company dont buy their products you will get ripped off and you will suffer side affects from using the products.
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Tampa, Florida
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Bad quality

True facts About Seacret

A.) They are distributed by Loreal (Loreal owns Yves Saint Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Diesel).... It IS a designer brand. B.) They are the only company Loreal distributes for that it doesn't own. Thats how much Loreal believes in it. And yes they tried to buy Seacret. The owner said no to protect the MLM participants. #INTEGRITY C.) They closed 500 million in sales last year (Someone LIKES the product) D.) It's cancel any time. (Someone KEEPS BUYING the product) E.) Before I signed up I read all the stuff online and found the amazon stuff as well...The stuff is two or three years old and it's expired. It has a shelf life. Skincare products go bad like anything else. Pissed off kiosk owners are trying to dump their supply, because their up-selling cost them their business. F.) Yes the kiosk owners were pushy... Thats why Isaak shut them down and switched to an MLM platform. G.) Agents are specifically instructed not to be pushy. "Let the product speak for itself" is the company motto. There isn't a lot of money in signing people up. The commission structure is set up to make money on its ongoing product sales. Soooo it would stand to reason then, that if a person can cancel any time, and we now have several millionaires in the company, THAT SOMEONE LIKES THE PRODUCT. H.) The buy-in is to get DEMO products and marketing tools. If the product sells itself, How can you sell a product you don't have? And the price you pay is well under even the agent price when they are bought in bulk. The marketing package it's easily worth the $50. How can you sell anything without having something to show? They give it to you at cost. I.) And yes A LOT of people from other MLM's came to Seacret. BECAUSE the system is literally designed to not *** people over. These people left their MLM's because they had a moral conflict with their other companies. We literally stacked an entire team of experienced MLM people, who left their companies because they were MORALLY ABJECT. Having a team that believes in helping people meet their goals over competitive sales is pretty awesome. J.) Bottom line.... Know your facts before you open your mouth.
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Thanks - I agree! The products I have used have been great.

And yes, I had one that started to dry up, RE-READ the literature and discovered that shelf life - and since it has no preservatives, that makes sense. Right now I am sitting down to order more....


Read the extended list of Ingredients - there is propylene glycol in several of the products- which Is literally antifreeze. If there are no preservatives ( which is highly unlikely) you would have to keep the product in the fridge.

Water needs to be stabilized to prevent Bacterial growth. Retinolyl A although natural becomes toxic when exposed to sunlight / UV light and has been found in tissue removed from ***.

There is a movement and a Bill trying to be passed in DC to make it illegal to put these and over 1,000 other products into skincare and make up. PG is also linked to allergies.


Actually, Tim Herr, one of the leading leads at Seacret went to Seacret because he had no other choice... Not because he was morally abject to it.

He was fired from ACN for fraud. He was cheating his way to the top and got paid hundreds of thousands fraudulently. How do I know? I was there.

He taught the fraud.

And so were hundreds of people directly below him who had to find a new company or go to another branch because their (Tim's) building closed down. Know THAT'S a fact.

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San Jose, California

Seacret Company a Scam

I purchased several Seacret products the Arizona Mills Mall. For an extra fee, I could get refills anywhere Seacret products are sold...or so I was told by the sales person. I cannot find one store, either online or a kiosk which offers this service. I was completely scammed by the sales person. What a joke! Watch out! Don't believe the lies! I contacted Seacret headquarters, online stores, but no one knew anything about the "refills" nor did they offer to make it right with their customer. What a joke. Don't buy any other their products. I've been robbed in the Arizona Mills Mall in Phoenix.
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they did the same thing to me at WEST county mall in. st.

louis. kiosk disappeared after christmas


Same sales scam here too. I was at the Lubbock Mall.


ok i just signed up to be an agent..the reason why is i have no job for the last 6 months. i have a daughter to feed and my wife working full time.

actually my wife is the one that introduce this to me. so i was thinking since i have no job (mind you i have a criminal record for being *** when young) i have plenty of time, i know a lot of family and friends and have nothing to lose. i signed up to be an agent. i have tried the product and i liked it especially the nail buffer thing lol.

but what really got me interested is the whole idea of making money through network marketing. and im willing to work hard coz i want to make this as my career since i have none. and since i know alot of my family and friends have also joined this i saw some results. they were getting money.

so it was very promising to me knowing now that i can feed my daughter and maybe my wife wont have to work as much and i dont look like this lazy dad who does nothing but plays world of warcraft at home all day. i need a change in my life and this came to me gave me an opportunity me rich as long as i work hard. my goal is for my daughter to have better life. ps.

if you guys think about it, everything around us is a pyramid effect. for example the government, companies where you work, the food chart, and even my religion.


To get a job for the government or any company. You dont have to pay thousand(s) of dollars, to get a job.

If its so great why dont they have free enrollment to be a so called seacret agent and then depending on how many other agents you get to join they take a fee... simply business before investing just think about it... your gonna put in time and effort along with money..

but if it fails you are going to forcefully make it work by investing more time and more money. Just a thought.


Actually you do pay thousands of dollars to get a job for the government. 40 THOUSAND PLUS for an education so that maybe you can pay it off in 20+ years. Think before you talk


Its not that expensive to join lol. The only fee you have to pay is $49 US to start up and you get business supplies for that.

Then there are 3 options of product packages you can buy but 2 of them are under 1 thousand. If you have a great mentor he/she will get you the money back within days if you are willing to work for it. We made our money back the next day. And a lot more the weeks after.

This is the best company i have been with and love every single product they have because they speak for themself. You dont even need to sell anything...

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Englewood, Colorado
New Reviewer

Still Waiting on Refund

I received some products that were on autoship and I decided to return because I did not need additional products. I called customer service for directions on how to return and was given a return number and told to write it all over the packaging so that it would be identified by the warehouse workers. I sent the package via USPS with delivery confirmation and it was received on January 24. I called customer service on January 28th to verify that they received the product and I was told that it was not received. After January 28th, I called customer no-service every 3 days until February 8. At that point the customer svc. agent used USPS website to verify my tracking information and stated that she would mark it as received to initiate the refund process. From this point, I was advised that the refund would take up to an additional 3 weeks for the accounting department to process as they hand-key each of the refunds. During this process, I reported Seacret Direct to the Arizona BBB. On February 19, I received a reply through the BBB from Seacret’s Executive Vice President, Michal Avniel stating that 3 weeks is the standard wait-time for processing a refund, but as of February 19, my refund has been processed. This is a blatant lie, because today is March 1, and I still have not received a refund. I called Seacret’s customer service again on February 25th and although the employee was helpful, she could only send an email to Michal Avniel inquiring about why the refund is still unprocessed. Although I have enjoyed their products, I will never order from them again and will warn anyone that is interested in ordering from them. Taking 5 weeks to process a refund on a returned (and verified) item is completely unacceptable and unscrupulous.
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I spent over approximately $780 on signing up with them in June. I've been trying to cancel and only opened like two or three items.

I was allergic to some of the products and also due to a car accident cannot continue as an agent. They are only offering me $275.00 and I have to return the unused items.

They are full of ***! No wonder the company does so well.


Did you ever receive your refund?


I have five boxes of stuff, they keep sending me whatever they want.


I just want to know why all the "seacret agents" don't use proper grammar. Please review your posts before looking like an uneducated ***.

Why would anyone buy a product from someone who can not even use proper grammar. Shameful!

I have tried "seacret" products they are ok nothing special about them. They are overly priced.

There are better products out there for way less money and better results.

I personally not a fan of "pyramids" or other type of MLM programs. They all remind me of a used car salesman.

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Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Seacret Direct - All Just a Facade!!

Seacret definitely markets itself as a new up and coming MLM company with products with "instant" results. However, I really see nothing special. Being that Seacret began their company through the kiosks at the mall, most people had horrible experiences being upsold or with the sales personal lying to customers about the price. Not only did the company do nothing about it, they changed it into a MLM company to force up their customer retention rate. Now instead of worrying about the customers coming back to the Kiosks after experiencing a horrible experience, if people are in the MLM, they are forced to buy it month after month. Ive went to a few of their overviews and there was TIM HERR, CHRIS KIM, JULIAN DOAN the three individuals who got kicked out of ACN, had same shady business in 5Linx as well as Monavie. This was a classic case of professional MLM hopping. As always, they pitch it like building a traditional business through spa parties, however, if you are the unfortunate soul that gets caught in one of the ACN group's organizations, IT WILL BE AN ENDLESS CYCLE OF RECRUITING, forced to buy packages at the highest BV, be lied to and manipulated. They say one thing and do the complete opposite. I have many friends that were in the company and did not make any money, the people in the company didnt make any money either unless you got a contract with Seacret or had a special deal with the company. Which I think is extremely shady. All of the products can be bought on Amazon for a cheaper price anyways, they tell you its not the same, but Ive been buying seacret products from amazon for the passed couple months and its the same thing... Seacret is just the next big SCAM in the MLM world. You take a group of serial MLM hoppers merged with a company that has already been having trouble with customer retention what do you get? Its just dragging out its own demise. From the last I heard, many big networkers that started with the company are now looking at different companies as well as those have already left. Seems like Seacret rushed into things, but at this point, any other MLM company will do better than SEACRET. STAY AWAY if you value your TIME and MONEY! If you do plan on getting started, you can get started at the 50$ package. But they will try and force you to buy the $1500 package. Most kiosks will also admit that it is very difficult to sell the products at retail. So most people that I have talked to have all their products still sitting at home collecting dust, hence why so many people are trying to get rid of them on amazon...
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Thank you for being honest. Sharon


thank you gor bring honest. really appreciate. sharon.


Hehe you must be a Trillionaire and your MLM allowed you to buy a mansion so huge that it needs two airports to get from one

Side to thenother


Sounds like your part of ACN , I've been looking for an MLM company with integrity , I researched before I reached out to an Agent. I challenge you to show me a better comp plan in the business ......

Also if the kiosks were so bad how did the Company make $1.2 billion in sales , that's a fact folks can verify.

So peeps don't buy into someone's "feeling" check out this company on your own , get the facts first ......

Be very aware of anyone who uses ACN or ViSalus as a point of reference ....... Just saying


I became a Trillionaire by shorting the stock


HEHEHE I hop SEACRET will do IPO, I will then short one share and become a multi-trillionaire in three years


The company did 4.3433**** septillion in sales, as much as 256 General Electrics heheheh


Those products that people are selling on Amazon or other sites of the same, are doing it out of bad faith to the company and how it wants their agents to act. I know this as a fact as I am involved with another company that has ordered all consultants to stop selling the products on any website other than their own! They want the product to speak for itself and everyone to have the best experience as they can with the product!!!


I can in general only laugh at people buying eye cream for $100. Or La Prairie for $400 dollar with caviar...yum.

In consumer tests cheaper products generate the same effect. Usually inexpensive products are even rated higher, Nivea beats La Prairie, Oil of Olay beats Dior.

Hello? You are in the Marketing Business.


why is it reported to have made 1.2 billion in sales and recognized as one of the fastest growing mlm I was researching for a paper only one of those names came up I have a list of others. The company grew 104% last year these numbers didn't come from their corporate offices

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Los Angeles, California

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