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Seacret has amazing products! They do accept return if they are not used. Read more

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I know Marketing...This company and the products are amazing...I will be more than happy to talk with anyone on how to get started...the best way is part time...this business is all about the product...all you need are 4 customers and your on your way...if you think you can get 4 customers then contact me through my Twitter account. Doug Fegel or My FB username "CapriIsland" /my e-mail is Read more

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Shaky, inexperienced management team. Probably filing for Chapter 11 soon. Good products that are grossly overpriced. Lousy compensation plan. Read more

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rip off loss of over $2000 @ az mills. terrible products

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I've used this product for 9 months, and must say it has been the best product I've ever used. I have suffered from eczema all my life, not only on my skin but also on my scalp. The hair care products are incredible. They leave your hair and scalp beautiful and in my case eczema free. I must add that the product is doing the same for my sister.The skin care products do what they say. Being in my fifties, my skin is getting older and I have young... Read more

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They are a shiity company dont buy their products you will get ripped off and you will suffer side affects from using the products.

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A.) They are distributed by Loreal (Loreal owns Yves Saint Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Diesel).... It IS a designer brand. B.) They are the only company Loreal distributes for that it doesn't own. Thats how much Loreal believes in it. And yes they tried to buy Seacret. The owner said no to protect the MLM participants. #INTEGRITY C.) They closed 500 million in sales last year (Someone LIKES the product) D.) It's cancel any time.... Read more

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I purchased several Seacret products the Arizona Mills Mall. For an extra fee, I could get refills anywhere Seacret products are sold...or so I was told by the sales person. I cannot find one store, either online or a kiosk which offers this service. I was completely scammed by the sales person. What a joke! Watch out! Don't believe the lies! I contacted Seacret headquarters, online stores, but no one knew anything about the "refills"... Read more

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I received some products that were on autoship and I decided to return because I did not need additional products. I called customer service for directions on how to return and was given a return number and told to write it all over the packaging so that it would be identified by the warehouse workers. I sent the package via USPS with delivery confirmation and it was received on January 24. I called customer service on January 28th to verify... Read more

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Seacret definitely markets itself as a new up and coming MLM company with products with "instant" results. However, I really see nothing special. Being that Seacret began their company through the kiosks at the mall, most people had horrible experiences being upsold or with the sales personal lying to customers about the price. Not only did the company do nothing about it, they changed it into a MLM company to force up their customer retention... Read more

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